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Here's the diet of TV actress Shweta Tiwari follows to stay fit

Feb 4, 2022
Looking Fabulous @40
Setting a new benchmark, Shweta Tiwari is one actress who knows how to raise the bar when it comes to looking stunning. With her recent weight loss, Shweta has got herself a fit body that makes her look like a true diva
The Weight Loss
Shweta gained a lot of weight (73 kgs) after the delivery of her second child - Reyansh and she took the help of her nutritionist Dr Kinita Kadakia Patel to lose about 10 kgs of weight
The Diet
If reports are to be believed, Dr Patel strictly monitored the diet of Shweta for this impressive body transformation even while the actor was busy shooting
Strict Workout Routine
For this transformation, Shweta was quite focused and gym for about 3 days a week that includes cardio and weight training. She also loves running and yoga
What worked for Her?
According to her nutritionist, Shweta's diet had a good combination of carbs, fats and protein. Also for Shweta, hydration was the key. She used to hydrate herself often leaving lesser room for eating
The Planned Meals
Each and every meal Shweta ate during this body transformation journey was planned by Dr Kinita and her team
Ghee For Weight Loss
As per a report, Shweta always includes ghee in her daily food as she believes ghee improves health. Being rich in Vitamin A, ghee is made of short-chain fatty acids which makes it absorption easier
Ate High Fibre Foods
According to reports, Shweta included high-fibrous foods in her diet for this impressive weight loss journey that included brown rice, oats, lentils along with seasonal and vitamin-C rich fruits & vegetables.
Included Good Fats and Proteins
For her weight loss, Dr Kinita designed the meals as per her liking and included good fats & protein like lean meat and dairy products in her diet