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How kids can handle exam stress, as per their zodiac sign

July 29, 2022
Aries are confident. They're prepared and ready to tackle any situation. Students belonging to this zodiac sign are therefore fearless when it comes to exams. However, in case they face some stress in may lead to impulsivity, which is why they must bring in reason and rationality.
Taurean children may face some insecurity when it comes to exams. But because they're calm and composed, they come up with a stable plan and routine to overcome exam stress
Gemini children get very nervous when exams are around the corner. However, they find their comfort in talking, taking advice and gathering facts
Cancerians get easily spooked by exams. Although they're hardworking, they may experience moments of self doubt. That's when they seek reassurance from their loved ones. A bit of morale boost is all they need.
As fun and charming Leo kids are, they're as hard working. But they're not devoid of feeling some exam pressure. A little break from academic help can refresh their minds and improve their focus
Much of the exam stress a Virgo child feels is due to their need for perfection. They aim high, so the pressure is high too. That said, Virgo kids need to cut themselves some slack, make time for leisure.
Librans hardly ever feel nervous about anything. But kids of this zodiac sign are only human. Exam stress is universal and the one thing Libran kids can do to tackle it is by having group discussion with other kids. This helps them share their ideas and also enlightens them with new concepts.
Scorpion children are passionate about everything they do. While exam stress is inevitable, all they want to deal with is some peace and quiet. They need space and cannot handle constant nagging and reminders to study.
Besides being excellent in studies Sagittarian kids are also full of life. In light of exam stress, they therefore yearn to be in good company, a safe space that encourages them to excel as well as have fun
Capricorns rarely get affected by the stress of exams. However, at times they may feel like they're losing control, they need to feel more prepared, so they can go back to revising everything they have learnt already!
Overthinking could be a major problem for Aquarians. Although they're bright and excellent, they can become uptight when the exam nears. That said, they need to loosen up and build confidence
Exam stress is common among Piscean students. However, dealing with it is not. All they need to do is find recluse in something artistic and creative. Invest time in your hobbies, while also paying attention to studies