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How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly, Every Time

Nov 18, 2021
For your lipstick to glide effortlessly, it is important that you exfoliate your lips to get rid of scaly skin
Hydrate your Lips
Regularly apply lip balm to ensure that your lips are hydrated
Use a Lip Liner
Lip Liner is perfect if you want to avoid smudging, get a more pronounced lip definition and make your lips look larger
Lipstick Formula is Key
When it comes to applying lipstick, pick the right formula for your lips
Apply Foundation
Want the Color to really pop? Apply a little bit of foundation on your lips
Blot Your Lipstick
IF You want your lipstick to stay for long, apply, blot, and then apply again
Apply Gloss
If you want your lips to appear larger or want to look fresher, apply a light coat of lip gloss