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How to get rid of spam emails eating your Gmail storage

Aug 28, 2022
Block email address on Gmail
Step 1: Open Gmail and click on the mail.
Step 2: Click ‘More’ or i icon on the top right of the mail.
Step 3: Click Block [Sender].
Unsubscribe from mass emails on Gmail
Step 1: Open Gmail.
Step 2: Open the mail of the sender you want to unsubscribe.
Step 3: Click on Unsubscribe or Change preferences next to the sender's name.
Step 4: You can also block the messages or mark them spam.
Step 5: The mails will be unsubscribed after a few days of following these steps.
User Gmail filters to detect spam emails
Step 1: Open Gmail and search for unsubscribe emails in the search box.
Step 2: From the opened list of promotional emails, select all the spam emails you want to get rid of.
Step 3: Click on the three dots available at the top right corner and click on ‘Filter messages like these.’
Step 4: Click on the ‘create filter’ and choose ‘delete it' to automatically delete future emails.
Step 5: If you don’t want to delete then you can also mark them, read or apply labels to filter them from the inbox.
Create a Temporary email ID to avoid spam emails
If you want to sign-up for a site and avoid getting spam emails or promotional messages, then you can avoid signing in from your primary site. Instead, use a temporary email ID. You can get a temporary email ID from various websites. Or, you can also create another Gmail ID for signing in to such sites in the future. This will help you avoid clutter in your primary email ID.