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Important Archaeological Sites of Northeast India

Jan 9, 2023
Willong Khullen Megalithic site, Manipur
The Stonehenge of Manipur is an ancient pre-historic megalithic monument in the northern mountains of Willong Khullen, a village in Manipur, India
Thembang Fortified Village, Arunachal Pradesh
Thembang, the settlement of the Monpas is a village within a fortified area measuring approximately 3.2 Acres. It is a host to several ancient and historical structures and has drawn the maximum attention for the fortified Dzong constructed using traditional technology of the region.
Vangchhia Village, Mizoram
This is the home to the remains of the oldest and biggest Neolithic civilization of India
Daojali Hading, Assam
Daojali Hading is a neolithic site in Dima Hasao District of Assam, India on a low hillock about 1000 feet above sea level,dated to about 2,700 years before present. Excavated in 1961-63 by a team led by M C Goswami and T C Sharma, it is the first stratified neolithic site discovered in Northeast India.
Chungliyimti Village, Nagaland
Considered a Neolithic settlement, recent excavations have found remnants of earthen pots and huts.