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India's Oldest Cities That Have stood test of time

May 23, 2022
Varanasi is arguably one of the oldest cities in the world. It is a religious, cultural and historic hub of North India and for Hindus, particularly. The city's streets are as old as the mythological tales of the country.
Ujjain is also an extremely old city. It once served as the storehouse of ancient literature and history. Today, Ujjain is known for its ages-old temples and stories
The written records of a Greek ambassador to India tell us that Madurai existed as an important trading town during the 3rd century BC. The mighty Greek empire had to send delegates to India to foster better relations
It is believed that Delhi rose to prominence in the 6th Century BC, which makes it at least 3 centuries older than Madurai. Not only that, Delhi has remained the capital of pre-historic and mythological empires.
Hampi is a desolate town now but has fiercely guarded its UNESCO heritage sites. This city rose to prominence with the rise of the Deccan empires and has since then held back the royal secrets of the place.
The records of the existence of the ancient town of Patna can be traced back to 2500 years ago. The ancient town hugely benefitted from the existence of ancient universities such as Bodhgaya and Nalanda
This city has existed since the 9th century BC. That is as old as anything can get. Thanjavur has seen the rise and fall of many empires of the Deccan
It is believed that this city has existed since the time of Ramayana or the Mahabharata. If that is true then this city is unarguably one of the first cities of Indian Land
Ayodhya is home to Lord Ram. There is no doubt that this city has existed since the time before Ramayana. This time when gods walked on the Indian Land