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Japanese Artists who are Popular Internationally in 2023

Jan 19, 2023
Unlike other groups, they have consistently added English to their songs, and now release full English albums alongside their Japanese ones which has helped them gain a lot more attention with even non-Jmusic fans in the West.
LiSA has been an artist for a very long time, even before getting into the anime song world. She made her first splash by voice acting and singing for the mainstream hit Angel Beats, but wasn’t really known by name until she sung the opening “Crossing Field” for a bigger hit, Sword Art Online.
Official Hige Dandism
In recent years, they have certainly taken the anime song sector by storm. “Cry Baby” was not only the opening for trending series of the season Tokyo Revengers, but a snippet of the yodelling from the 2nd verse also started to trend on Tiktok. Not long after, they created “Mixed Nuts”, the opening for another mainstream series SpyXFamily thus making them one of the biggest acts in Japan and abroad.
Kenshi Yonezu
He has made a splash in a variety of sectors. He was initially a Vocaloid producer and made popular tracks like “Sand Planet”, “Panda Hero”, and “Matoryoshka” under the name Hachi. When he decided to start singing publicly, he certainly made a name for himself with “Lemon” which was #1 on Japanese charts for a record amount of time.
Many got to know her with her anime opening “Again” which was featured in Fullmetal Alchemist and “Rolling Star” which was in Bleach. She also made many other beautiful hits like “Goodbye Days”, “CHE.R.RY”, and “Life”. In Japan, By 2011, she was ranked #1 for “Dearest Female Artists”, “Artist You Most Want To Marry”, and also Hong Kong’s “Most Popular Japanese Artists”.
YOASOBI only debuted in 2019, but they certainly established their name in the West media when “Yoru ni Kakeru” (“Racing into the Night”), started to trend on social media as it was an energetic and fun song that you wouldn’t know was talking about depression and suicide.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is an artist you can’t miss…literally. She is pretty much the Harajuku fashion representative as she would wear super cute, colourful, and extravagent bows and outfits. Her 2011 single “Pon Pon Pon” reached the top ten on Japan’s Oricon music chart and currently has over 189 Million views on Youtube!
Asian Kung-Fu Generation
This is a band that is a well known classic among older anime fans as they created “Haruka Kanata” and “Blood Circulator” for Naruto, “Rewrite” for Fullmetal Alchemist, “After Dark” for Bleach, “Re:Re” for Erased, which are some of the most popular songs among these mainstream series.