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King Charles’ Birth Chart: How the New Monarch will Rule, Per an Astrologer

Sept 28, 2022
Long Live the Queen. Yet with the unfortunate passing of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022, the heir to the throne has risen
Having long been expected to ascend to the crown, King Charles II is ready to stand in the authority of his royal
With the United Kingdom having made many long-term plans for him to make changes to royal properties and Buckingham Palace
King Charles III has created many visions of his own – despite the apprehension from the late Queen
With is wife Camilla Parker Bowles now taking on the title of Queen Consort, a new era in the British Monarchy has arrived
With others still looking back fondly on Princess Diana paving the way for the present day now
With a fascinating past of his own – and an intense relationship with both of his children Prince William and Prince Harry
King Charles III has shown he’s ready to evolve the British monarchy in vast new directions