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Korean Skincare Routine For Summer

May 5, 2022
Oil Cleansing
First step of the Korean skincare routine is to cleanse your skin with oil. This will help in pulling out the makeup, dirt, and impurities from the skin
Foam Cleansing
Double Cleansing is the key of Korean Skincare. Use a foam-based cleanser to remove excess oil from the skin specially from the T-Zone Area. Later Pat Try Your Skin
The important process to remove all the dead skin cells on the surface and help skin breathe. Exfoliate at least 2 times a week
Its essential in summer to balance the pH level of skin. It also helps in removing any leftover residue and helps closing the pores to prevent future breakout. Tone before applying moisturizer
Korean women use essence two times daily for a glowing complexion. its keeps your skin hydrated
Serum delivers complete moisture and hydration to the skin. Put Serum before moisturizer to give your skin the active ingredients
Sheet Masks
Well you can say they got popular from Korea. They are packed with a high concentration of active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, ceramides and antioxidants
Eye Cream
Eye Care is also important. Eye cream helps in keeping under eyes smoother and hydrated and also removes puffiness or dark circles.
Another most important step is good Korean moisturizer to lock and give the needed bounce and hydration to skin
Most important one is to protect yourself from harmful rays. Also choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that has at least SPF 30