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Lesser Known Destinations of Assam 4

Nov 3, 2021
Hojai, located at a distance of 171 km from Guwahati is a treasure trove of Archeological sites in Assam. The present geographical area belonged to the renowned Kapili Valley Kingdom, and in medieval times it was a a part of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom . The Rajabari Archaeological site is situated at a distance of 10 km from Hojai town. This site is a group of six Siva temples enclosed within a brick build boundary wall. Three of the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma Maheshawari. The site has numerous stone relics dating back to the 11th Century AD.
Paradise Lake
Paradise Lake or Nilapani, is a perfect getaway to rejuvenate the self in the lap of nature. The blue crystal water lake will mesmerize visitors with its beauty and is one of the best en-route destinations between Guwahati and Kaziranga, situated in Kathalguri Village, Samaguri Circle of Nagaon District. A few kilometres, away is Chapanala, a charming and pristine leisure destination. The Champawati Kunda waterfalls located amidst the picturesque landscape is an alluring fall in the region also close by the Samaguri Beel (Lake) famed as Pokhi Tirth or Bird Pilgrimage, prominent for the diverse species of migratory birds found here
Natun Sapartari
Natun Sapartari is a placid Assamese village located near Chhaygaon in Kamrup District of Assam. A village walk is a perfect day activity amidst the paddy fields followed by an ethnic lunch along with a host family of the village. The mustard blooms in winter give a vibrant yellow tinge to the vast agricultural fields. A country boat ride to view the fresh water dolphins (endangered species of Platanista gangetica or Xihu in Assamese) and numerous migratory birds is a tourist’s delight.
Tilana village is located in Nalbari district in Assam. A serene village, Tilana is a hub of production of the Japi, the traditional conical hat of Assam which is a mark of our heritage and culture, made from bamboo, cane and dried tokou paat (Trachycarpus martianus), a large palm leaf. A walk into the village takes one through the lanes where tokou paat plants are grown in almost all the houses. The palm leaves are laid out to dry under the sun in the courtyard and the entire families are engaged in the Jaapi making endeavor
The mystic village Mayong is located in Morigaon district of Assam on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. The cradle of black magic in India, Mayong attracts tourists due to its tradition of indigenous practices and tantric belief system. Mayong finds it reference in mythological epics like the Mahabharata where Ghatotkacha (son of the Pandava Bhim) took part in the battle of Mahabharata with his magical supremacy. Some magical acts are performed by the villagers even today. Also famous are the fortune tellers, palm readers who use traditional methods in predicting a person’s future. Black magic is used to treat ailments and find lost belongings by the bez or ojaa (traditional magic healers).
Kanyaka Bohumukhi Farm was established in 2007, covering an area of 3100 bighas, and located around 56 km from Tezpur. There are different types of farming segments focused on in the farm, such as dairy, fishery, piggery, rice cultivation, etc. With amenities such as VIP rooms, visitors can also enjoy the soonto-be complete swimming pool and children's park at the farm. There are plans for cycling tours around the area as well.