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Lesser Known Destinations of Assam 5

Nov 4, 2021
1. Dokhola Pahar (Hill)
Dokhola village is located 1 km from Bijoynagar, 35 kms from Guwahati. The beautiful Dokhola Pahar is a thrilling uphill trek through the forest pathway. The view point at the top offers a glimpse of the mighty Brahmaputra merging with the imposing azure skyline during the day and a dazzling hue during sunset. There is an ancient Shiva Mandir, Buragohain Than at the vicinity
2. Parvati Pahar (Hill)
Parvati hills is located near Boko, a small town 55 kms west of Guwahati. The lush green hillock can be explored by trekking through the tranquil emerald route which offers lovely views. The revered Parvati temple, dedicated to Goddess Parvati, is situated atop the hillock. The temple commands a magnificent view of the valley below, smeared with the grandeur of the scarlet skyline in its sunrise and sunsets. A walk in a nearby Rabha village to witness the community’s way of life and relish an ethnic meal is a perfect option for tourists.
3. Pabhoi Greens
Pabhoi Greens is located at Biswanath district, is the first organic seed production and seed bank of North East India. Its primary goal is to replicate the best adaptable varieties of seeds in the region and train local communities in organic and integrated farming and seed breeding. The farm provides a unique experience to the visitors not only in terms of scenic beauty but sustainable agricultural practices.
4. Bhairabkunda
Gethsemane, a man-made woodland near Bhairabkunda in Bodoland’s Udalguri district, leaves one awestruck. Driving through Gethsemane to Bhairabkunda, one marvels at the handiwork of the local community in transforming 750 hectares of barren land into a green cover, making it a home for animals and birds
5. Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary
With about 30 species of mammals and more than 250 species of birds including many rare and endangered birds, this enchanting Sanctuary is especially designated for long term conservation and preservation of the Golden Langur. It is located at a distance of 10 km from Kokrajhar Town.
6. Raimona National Park
Raimona National Park is the 6th National Park in Assam. It is part of a trans boundary conservation landscape of more than 2400 sq. km. This park is famous for the Golden Langur, which has become a mascot for the Bodoland region. This national park currently houses diverse flora and fauna, and holds the highest concentration for the endangered White Winged Wood Duck