The Sentinel

Life-Changing Inventions that were accidental

Dec 19, 2022
X-ray Machine
William Conrad Rontgen was experimenting on a vacuum tube covered in cardboard when he invented the X-ray machine
Microwave Over
Percy Spencer was working with a microwave emitting magnetron when he invented the microwave over
Invented by Chemist Roy Plunkett when trying to create a new type of chlorofluorocarbon
t was accidentally invented by Alexander Flaming when he left out cultures of Staphylococcus aureus in his lab
Implantable Pacemaker
This was accidentally invented in 1956 while a professor, Wilson Greatbatch, was testing equipment to record heart sounds
John Walker accidentally scraped a stick coated in chemicals across his hearth and it lit up
Tea Bags
It was originally intended for only shipping purposes but people loved the convenience of it
The psychoactive properties was discovered accidentally when he was synthesising LSD-25