The Sentinel
Majuli : World's Largest River Island
Situated in upper Assam, Majuli is over 400 kms away from Guwahati. The nearest town is Jorhat. It is just 20 kms from the river island. Jorhat is well connected by air.
Majuli island was formed 300 years ago by Brahmaputra's continuous floods.
Mukha or mask making is part of almost every household of Majuli. The art form, designs and faces made showcase the strong Vaishnavite culture and heritage. Stories are narrated through these masks about Vaishnavite culture as preached by Srimanta Sankardev
Majuli is home to one of the major Satras – Kamalabari Satra (seat of Vaishnavite religion and culture (Satriya culture) started by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev in the 15th century Assam)
Majuli is home to various tribes and ethnic groups of Assam – Mishing, Sonowal, Koch, Deori, Sut, Kachari, Ahoms and others. The Satras are the melting pot
Komal Saul (a rice variety) most commonly had with curd and jaggery as a breakfast item in most parts of Assam is grown extensively in Majuli
A tourist attraction spot, visitors live in Chang Ghars (huts made of thatch, bamboo and hay on stilts) like these as resorts are far and few and there are no hotels here
Massive erosion every year is threatening to wash this river island away.