Aug 5, 2021
1. The Meghalaya Government has issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the upcoming Durga Puja celebrations to contain the spread of COVID-19. The order was issued by Chief Secretary MS Rao on September 24.
2. All persons above 65 years of age, persons with comorbidity, pregnant woman and children have been advised to stay at home.
3. However, persons who are fully vaccinated, i.e., have received both doses of the vaccine may attend the puja celebrations. In the interest of safety, it is desirable that all priests / CPC members / helpers / drummers / volunteers actively involved in the puja celebrations are vaccinated.
4. The generic preventive measures, including simple public health measures, are to be followed to reduce the risk of COVID-19. These measures need to be observed by all (workers and visitors) in puja pandals at all times. Individuals must maintain a minimum distance of 5 feet in public places as far as feasible. Use of face masks must be mandatory.
5. Practice frequent hand washing with soap (for at least 40-60 seconds) even when hands are not visibly dirty or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers (for at least 20 seconds), whichever feasible.
6. Respiratory etiquettes must be strictly followed. This involves strict practice of covering one's mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow and disposing off used tissues properly.
7. Self-monitoring of health by must be practiced by all individuals and any illness must be reported at the earliest to State or District helpline. Spitting should be strictly prohibited.
8. All Puja activities should conclude by 10 pm (subject to relaxation of curfew timings). No live sports, games and cultural functions will be allowed to be organized during the Puja celebrations.