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Most Adorable pics of BlackPink with their Pets

Nov 16, 2021
Jisoo's Lil Cutie
Jisoo's white maltese dalgom is just too cute to look away from! Their sweet moments are often shared by Jisoo on her socials
The most Adorable Duo
Jisoo and Dalgom are truly a match made in heaven and this is concrete proof!
Handsome Hank
Rose's furry friend is a rescue dog and has since garnered more than two million followers on Instagram
Hank's Expensive tastes
Rose is known for notoriously spoiling her puppy with the most luxurious of pet accessories. From Tiffany & Co's Dog Bowl to YSL's pet carrier, you name it and Hank has it.
Certified Cat Lady
Lisa's brood of cats makes her the most wholesome! The 'L' family is probably the cutest thing you will see all day
The L Family
Lisa has six members in her L family with Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis and Lego melting our hearts every chance they get. A New member recently debuted and is equally adorable.
A New Member
Lisa recently added a puppy in the mix of her feline friends and here's hoping we get to see her dog Love more often
The Boujee one
The 'Boss of Blackpink' Kuma is mommy Jennie's baby with it even featuring on the magazine cover with her
The OG Doggy
Her first dog Kai may be relatively shy, but that doesn't stop Jennie from spoiling them with swanky gifts
All Cuties in one frame
Jennie has the most adorable bond with her lil doggos and being the proud mommy she is, doesnt shy away from showing them love online