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Most Dangerous Science Experiments Ever Conducted

Dec 14, 2022
Project MKUltra
The legendary attempt of CIA to master mind control is known as the Project MKUltra. It started in 1950s up until 1966. Under this program, subjects, mostly unwilling, received drugs such as LSD, which is a great hallucinogen. They were deprived of senses and sleep and experienced sexual abuse, hypnosis and other psychological torture that no one would want to experience.
The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
About 399 African American syphilis patients residing in rural Alabama were denied treatment in the year 1932-1972 due to the so called study funded by the government. Despite the discovery in the year 1947 that penicillin is effective against the said disease, doctors still blamed the ”bad blood” of patients and didn’t inform that patients directly died from syphilis. The U.S. Public Health Service conducted this experiment to study and discover the natural progress and effects of syphilis is left untreated.
Weaponizing the Plague
Almost half of the population in Europe was killed when plaque wandered around. Around 100 million people were eliminated in 13th and 14th century thus reducing the world population. In the year 1980s, it was discovered in the research program about biological warfare of Soviet Union the way on using plague as a weapon by launching it in the missile warheads to enemies. Aside from the plague, defectors revealed that there are tons of smallpox and hundreds of loads of anthrax in the bio-weapon program of the Soviet.
The Large Hadron Supercollider
This scientific instrument in Switzerland is known as the most sophisticated and largest machine in the world. It was created to study and explore more about particle physics. However, this machine gave rise to the fear of the public. It is also blamed for pulling asteroids to the earth as well as causing earthquakes.
The Aversion Project
A medical torture project was established in South Africa around 1971 and 1989. Their goal was to ”cure” the military conscripts’ homosexuality. The policy was conducted under apartheid, a system of legislation that maintained racist policies against non-white South Africans. This project involves coerced ”aversion therapy” treatments, including chemical castration and electric shocks for therapy. The army participated in this program allowed about 900 sex change surgical procedures. Homosexuality at that time was considered a mental illness in the medical community.
The Trinity Test
The first nuclear experiment made its way on this list. During the World War II, in dire need of the America to be in advantage during the war, they established the Manhattan Project. The Trinity Test happened, the ignition of the first nuclear weapon in the desert of New Mexico last 1945 of July 16.
Kola Superdeep Borehole
An experiment by the Soviets that started last 1970s; this experiment desired to dig as deep as possible into the earth’s crust. In 1994, the Soviet successfully perforated a 12 kilometer hole into the Peninsula or Kola in the far northwest of Russia. This gave us scientific data, such as the discovery of the ancient fossils of the microscopic plankton from its 24 species
Unit 731
A secret research and development program carried out by the Japanese Army tolerated the gruesome experiments on individuals during World War II. Unit 731 was led by Shiro Ishii, their General in command, where almost 250,000 women, men and children experimented in pursuit of science. Most subjects used were prisoners of war from the Allies and Russia and Chinese victims.
Nazi Concentration Camp Experiment
Thousands of concentration camps’ prisoners were used in the medical experiments conducted by Nazis. These experiments include hypothermia which is induced internationally, use of malaria to infect people, poisoning people, forced sterilization, usage of mustard gas to prisoners and many more. The quintessential ”evil doctor” named Josef Mengel is the Nazi doctor to be blamed for such experiments.