09 Nov, 2020
Namdapha National Park is a 1,985 square kilometre large protected area in Arunachal Pradesh.
It is a biodiversity hotspot in the Eastern Himalayas with 1000 flora and 1400 faunal species.
Namdapha National Park is the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalaya.
Namdapha was originally declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1972.
Phtotgrapher: Minom Pertin
Declared as a National Park in 1983 and became a Tiger Reserve under the Project Tiger scheme in the same year.
The national park is located in Changlang district, near the international border with Myanmar.
There are a few settlements of Lisu, Tangsa, Chakma and Singpho (tribal) people within the park.
Photographer: Minom Pertin
The area is also known for extensive Dipterocarp forests.
Photographer: Minom Pertin
Four big cat species are found in the park: snow leopards, clouded leopards, common leopards and tigers.
Namdapha is Botanist’s dream and it may take as long as 50 years to complete a comprehensive survey of its botanical resources.
Photographer: Minom Pertin
There are more than 150 timber species.
Photographer: Minom Pertin
One of the rarest and endangered orchids, the Blue Vanda found here.
The area of Namdapha also proved to be the refugee camps for many immigrants.
October to March is the best time for visiting the park.
You can stay there in government-run circuit houses, bungalows, camps, rest house, huts and dormitory.
Photographer: Minom Pertin
You can experience some adventurous sports like Trekking, Boat ride, River crossing and Elephant rides.
Jeep Safari in Namdapha is not available as it consists of great amount of birds, so the reserve management tends to avoid vehicle's disturbance.
Photographer: Minom Pertin
Popular tourists attractions in Namdapha are Miao museum, Miao mini zoo, Buddha temple, Moti jheel and Raja jheel.
Photographer: Minom Pertin