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Omicron Scare: Meghalaya Govt Imposes Fresh Restrictions Starting January 5, Details Inside

Jan 4, 2022
In view of the increase in Covid cases in the country due to the Omicron variant and in the public interest the following restrictions shall take place with effect from 5th January 2022:
1. All official/public/political gatherings are hereby prohibited. However, weddings are permitted at 50% of the capacity in an enclosed space and a maximum of 100 persons for unenclosed/open space.

2. Maximum number of 50 persons are permitted for funerals.
3. All persons entering the State, including those fully vaccinated, have to produce an RTPCR negative report valid 72 hours prior to arrival at the Covid Screening Centre at the entry points or have to undergo a mandatory RTPCR test at the entry points. For those being tested at the Covid Screening Centres at the entry points, it is mandatory to be isolated till the receipt of the report.
4. Private Vehicles are allowed to ply subject to the Odd-Even rule with those registration numbers ending in odd number to ply on Monday and those ending in even numbers to ply on Tuesday and to follow the odd-even sequence thereafter, as per orders to be issued by respective Deputy Commissioners. On Sundays, the restriction on the Odd-Even rule shall not apply.
5. Night Curfew shall be imposed by respective Deputy Commissioners from 10 pm to 5 am. Goods vehicles including those carrying agriculture produce and vehicles engaged in health emergency cases are exempted from the purview of the curfew.

6. All persons should follow Covid appropriate behaviour including wearing masks in public places, maintaining social distancing. All eligible persons are encouraged to get themselves vaccinated.
Hence, in view of the impact that the virus may cause to the health and livelihoods of the people in the event of a severe third wave and in order to prevent further transmission of the virus, persons who step out of their homes, move-in public or interact with persons not from their household, are required to ensure the following:-
1. They should wear a three-ply surgical mask or N-95 mask.

2. Cotton masks if worn must be layered with a three-ply surgical mask underneath.
3. Plastic or leather masks, mask made from loosely woven material, knitted masks, masks made of fabric that lets light pass through, or masks made with only one layer of fabric do not ensure protection and are not recommended. A person using such a mask will switch to appropriate protective masks at the earliest.
4. Wearing a mask on the chin, or lowering the mask while speaking, or wearing a mask without covering the nose must be avoided at all costs since you can infect others, or be infected by others.
5. Persons who are mobile or move around frequently are advised to wear masks inside their homes as well, especially when around elderly or co-morbid family members. Detailed guidelines for wearing masks including use, storage, cleaning and disposal as notified in the aforesaid government protocol are to be followed by all citizens.