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Parenting Mistakes That Can Affect Your Child’s Adult Life

Sept 26, 2022
You Spoil Them
You may pamper your child too much, but then they could become adults who still want everyone to take care of them
You don’t encourage decision-making power
These kids grow up as confused adults who have zero decision-making power and risk taking skills
You argue around them constantly
Arguing parents can scar a child’s mind and heart. They mind have trust issues on their partner as adults
You pressurise them from demands
Unrealistic demand like scoring 100/100 can make your child into an adult who never feels they have done enough
You make them dependent
These kids can grow up as adults who would easily get confused and manipulated by others
You don’t pay enough attention
Lack of attention as kids can make them too tough, too soon. They might grow up as rigid and narrow-minded adults
You downplay your child’s feelings
Taking their feelings for granted will get them in the habit of bottling up their feelings, which can explode anytime, on anyone.