the sentinel


July 22, 2022
Mayong, Assam
Mayong is a village located in Morigaon district and is known as the land of black magic and witchcraft. This somewhat remote village has been the centre for dark arts for centuries now. Also known as the hub for Tantra Kriya, it was an excavation site for many tools that were once used during human sacrifices.
Bhubon Caves, Assam
Some Rongmei Nagas of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland still follow the indigenous faith of Poupei Chapriak. The word is loosely translated to the faith of our forefathers. Rani Gaidinliu and Haipou Jadonang, who were the strongest leaders from the region to stand against the Britishers, were followers of Poupei Chapriak. They would later go on to start the Heraka movement, which was a socio-religious movement in the 1920s wherein the followers worshipped Tingkao Ragwang
Mount Totsu, Nagaland
Mount Totsu in the Rengma tribe inhabited village of Rumensinyu is shrouded in mystery. Many local folklores identify this remote mountain as an abode of mystical creatures.As per the legend, the mountain and the cliff right next to it is guarded by a giant snake and a crab. The locals believe that it is best not to disturb the mountain, hence any form of hunting and destroying nature is strictly prohibited.
Zeilad Lake, Manipur
Zeilad Lake in Tamenglong district, Manipur, has beautiful and mystical tales that makes it such an intriguing place to visit. Zeilad is the largest and the most popular one among the seven lakes that dot the area.
Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Meghalaya
The Sacred Groves of Mawphlang is probably one of the most well-preserved sites in Meghalaya. The sacred forest has only one rule, and one that has managed to protect the land – no one is allowed to take anything away from the forest, no pebbles, no leaves, not even a twig. Nothing leaves the forest, you leave the forest exactly as you came.