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Popular Empires of the World and their Meals

Dec 9, 2022
British Royal Family
The British monarchs enjoy Grilled Chicken & Fish along with chocolates and wine. Strawberries are what love to eat the most when it comes to fruits
The Greek Monarchs
Greeks like Indians have a habit of consuming bread and wine. However, beef meat was also preferred with olives, cheese and dried fish
The Mughal Dynasty
The extravagant lifestyle was what they are famous for! The Mughals are famous for using a lot of aroma & spices in their food
The Romans
Known for their luxurious lifestyles and believed in dining in beautiful surroundings and it has not changed ever since. They were all about a variety of meats, cheese and boiled eggs. They enjoyed eating ice cream,w which was a luxury that many could not afford
French Royal Family
Starting with soups, they loved consuming salads, meats and desserts for the last meal. They also enjoyed fresh fruits once their meals were finished
The Egyptian Royals
Ancient Egyptians ate two meals a day that consisted of bread & beer in the morning and a hearty meal with fresh grilled veggies in the dinner along with a variety of meats, bread and beer in the evening
The Mauryan Empire
The Mauryans loved their homemade liquor and enjoyed a lot of grains in their diet. From wheat, rice to barley and millet, they enjoy local crops like no one else
The Chinese Royals
Chinese Royals used to eat rice which was forbidden to everyone else along with roasted duck, pork and chicken. They also enjoyed cakes and pastries made by their own chefs