Qualities That Women Find Irresistible In Men
Qualities That Women Find Irresistible In Men

Qualities That Women Find Irresistible In Men

the sentinel Qualities That Women Find Irresistible In Men Oct 11, 2022

Esto Vir

In Latin means “be a man”. Yes, my dear, if you are a man enough to give respect to women irrespective of their age and socio-economical status and treat them equally then you are a contender and would be noticed. Indeed, manhood is incomplete if men consider women inferior or weak and treat them in a certain orthodox way. This is a big turn-on for women. Sexism and related traits will shut the doors.

Work skills

Not asking you to be a champion with a set of trophies or “Performer of the Month” tags, girls just go crazy over guy that has confidence and conviction in the work that he does. Whatever your vocation be, do it with your heart without cribbing. You are earning your bread and butter from there so give it your 100%. Also, this shows your dedication and loyalty which women crave for.


An essential part of your personality is how you present yourself. This is a make-or-break point so make sure that at the workplace, parties, outings, etc. you report spruced up. There are lazy moments for all of us but putting in that extra effort would do no harm rather it will only make you attractive. Isn’t that what you want?

Scent of a Man

Al Pacino received the Oscar for Scent of a Woman as he portrayed a visually disabled ex-army man who has the knack of finding attractive, beautiful women by the scent of their bodies and he correctly identifies the perfumes they are wearing. Flowers From The Brooks for instance. Women have a deeper and more intense olfactory sense hence it’s a cardinal rule to apply a suitable cologne or perfume whenever you are with people.


It’s a must-have since women, and others would want to be around a person who is wise, sagacious, and knows how to handle any given situation deftly. It does not mean that you act much older than your real self and flaunt wisdom to impress them. It is bound to backfire. You just have to make your efforts to help in finding a solution to a problem or settle some issue with whatever acumen you possess.

Good listener

When someone is talking to you, and that someone happens to be a woman, you better leave the talking part to the opposite party and let your ears and brain do the rest. The other person might be pouring out their heart to you without asking or needing any feedback or suggestion unless of course asked to. The point here is to give them your time and a patient hearing.

Sense of humor

It is a cliché yet inseparable from the list. Having the ability to crack a few good, quality jokes or share interesting anecdotes will make you much more likable and people would want to be with you. You make a woman laugh, make her genuinely happy then you too will realize the power of humor. Oh yeah, if you know how to take a joke on yourself and laugh at your small follies then it’s a cherry on the cake.

Be romantic

A romantic man who is into simple philosophy of sharing what is in his heart, is a dreamer who has his fantasies and ideas about relations is most welcome to a woman’s personal space. It does include a bit of literature and poetry. You describe your ideal woman, the kind of life you would like to spend with her and share your future life with kids and all is a winner.


Certainly, any woman would like a man who not only takes up responsibilities but also executes them without cribbing. Along with that, it also reflects the man’s devotion to the cause and how in the long run he will happily take up more after he gets into a relationship and cherishes the responsibilities that come along with that.


You achieve a task and just move on, without announcing it. It is a rare and substantial quality that impresses women. Do take the compliments but don’t go overboard.

I’m sorry

You made a mistake then acknowledge it and apologise. It won’t belittle you rather put you on a higher pedestal.

Father figure who also loves pets

No, not a father figure to the women around but to the kids. If you enjoy the company of children and they too return the favour then feel happy about it. You hold a baby very carefully, gingerly and your heart melts then this is a signal that you will make a great father. Also, if you go “Awww” over pets, animal babies, birds, wildlife, and things related it shows your humane, compassionate side which no woman can miss.

Boys do cry

I just don’t know from wherever this conception seeped in about men being all macho who don’t feel any pain and pick up a fight at the drop of a hat and all the stuff about a typical Bollywood hero? Arre yaar, boys/men are as sensitive and receptive, in fact more, as girls and women are. We cry watching Dumbo being separated from his mother in “Dumbo the Flying Elephant” and it does cut our hearts when we see poor abandoned dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, and so on.

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