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Quirky Business Ideas shared on Shark Tank India

Feb 7, 2022
The Show
Shark Tank india has made all of us glued to the TV screen for weeks, and we loved it. The show was full of drama, interesting ideas, banter, and much more. However, we can't help but accept that there were some really bizarre ideas that either made us laugh our asses off, or left us totally confused.
The Belly Button Enhancer/Shaper
The product was basically something that you'd place in your belly button and after using it consistently, you will get a round navel. Now, according to the inventor, this device is for those who want to show off their belly button.
Poo De Cologne
This one might sound not so bizarre but since we already have several affordable ones in the market right now, the judges were not very keen on investing in a product that has been done before at a much more reasonable rate. The woman entrepreneur called it Poo De Cologne and it was apparently made of essential oils.
Modular Utility Electric Vehicles
Revamp Moto Mitr's innovative idea was of creating an EV vehicle with utility attachments left the investors on the show impressed. The trio was seeking help to build their brand from the sharks
Ice Popsicles
They came up with a brilliant idea to manufacture ice popsicles that indians would instantly relate to, thanks to their childhood nostalgia. All the sharks were impressed with the packaging and taste of their ice popsicles. They also agreed to the fact that there was no other major player in this market in india
Healthcare Tech Startup
The healthcare tech startup was started in 201 by Pruthi. The company provides personalized nutritional plans and support through its app. The sharks were very impressed with the young entrepreneur and loved his business idea.
Theyy make everything from coconut shakes to smoothies to sodas to slushes to ice creams. The coconut business across the country and seek to address issues like hygiene and transportation. The startup was established in 2019 and has successfully opened 31 outlets in 7 states