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Rules for Guests At Vicky-Katrina's Wedding

dec 5, 2021
Secret Codes for Guests
To keep the identity of the guests confidential, secret codes have been assigned to them.
Behind the Codes
The codes will be made from the letters in Vicky and Katrina's names. Guests will be able to enter the venue only after providing these codes
NDA Clause
All those who are attending the wedding have reportedly been asked to sign an NDA Clause
No disclosure of Wedding Attendance
As per the NDA, guests aren't allowed to reveal that they attending the wedding
No photography
Since guests have been barred from taking photos at the venue, it might be a bummer for fans who have been eagerly waiting for pictures
Restrictions on Social Media
The attendees have also been asked not to share their location and wedding pictures on social media
No contact with outside world
In true 'Bigg Boss' style, guests wont be allowed to contact the outside world till they leave the venue
Last but not Least
The guests can only publish photos after securing permission from the wedding planners. Also, they are not allowed to make any reels or videos at the venue.
Drones to be shot down
A few reports say that any drones near the perimeter of their wedding venue will be shot down in order to maintain complete privacy
A surprise for guests!
As per reports, Vicky and Katrina have arranged a special safari for their guests at the Ranthambore National Park. Well, all the rules are worth it, we suppose!