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SB19 Beast BTS with the Longest Running No. 1 Hit in The History of One Billboard Chart

Jan 27, 2022
Once again, Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart is ruled by the hit single “Bazinga,” which millions of fans all around the world can’t stop talking about on social media.
The tune has now controlled the tally for a lengthy span of time, and with another frame at No. 1 on the list, it breaks out of a tie with the biggest band in the world and establishes itself as the most impressive leader of all time.
“Bazinga” by Filipino boy band SB19 has now earned seven stays at No. 1 on the Hot Trending Songs chart, Billboard’s weekly look at the 20 tunes that people mention the most on Twitter.
Last frame, “Bazinga” was tied with BTS’s “Butter” as the longest-running ruler on the Hot Trending Songs chart, but now they are no longer on the same level as one another.
“Bazinga” is one of only three titles to hit No. 1 on the Hot Trending Songs chart since Billboard unveiled it in October 2021. In the months since the list first appeared, BTS has collected the most rulers, as they have owned the tally with “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” which served as the first-ever leader.
The biggest difference between “Bazinga” and “Butter” in terms of the Billboard charts can be found on other rankings. While “Bazinga” has been a trending topic for months, it hasn’t performed well on additional important lists, such as the Hot 100 or the Digital Song Sales chart.
Looking at how much “Bazinga” has been discussed on Twitter for months on end, it’s possible that it may soon reach other American charts, as clearly there is a massive interest in the composition.