The Sentinel

Signs and Symbols Angels use to communicate with us

Apr 10, 2022
Feather Spotting
If you find feathers around you especially when it is least expected and out of the blue, it is a sign
Gentle Breeze
Again unexpected. If you feel a gentle breeze around you, on your back or face, it's an angelic energy
If you can smell some lovely scent which you are unable to forget, it means an angel is making its presence known
Babies or Pets Smiling at Nothing
It is said that babies and pets, being the most innocent, have the power to see angels. See them smiling at something?
When you hear recurring songs somewhere, even on the radio, an angel is trying to send you a message
Finding Coins
Some people are truly blesssed when theyt find coins on the floor or anywhere randomly. it is the work of angels.
Random Signs or Advertisements
Sometimes you see some billboards and ads that connect with you, at the right time. Those are angels sending a message
Angel Numbers
333, 11:11, 444 are some of the recurring number sequences which are symbols from the angels
Earth Angel help others remember who they are