The Sentinel

Signs that suggest your friendship is coming to an end

Nov 7, 2022
You Avoid each other's messages
If you are avoiding or ignoring their messages(or vice versa) all the time, it means you're not really enjoying your time together.
You don't like hanging out with them anymore
Does hanging out feel like a chore rather than something you're excited about? That is not what friendship is about
Your communication is one-sided
Are you ignoring your friend's messages or waiting for them to say something? Maybe you don't click anymore
You Feel annoyed when you meet them
Your friends can be annoying, but when meeting them makes you irrational and irritated, it can be a sign that you're about to drift apart
You can't trust them with your secrets
One of the most important pillars of friendship is trust. If you can't trust them anymore then days of your relationship are numbered
You don't have anything to talk about anymore
Do you feel like you dont have anything to say to your friend anymore? Perhaps your friendship is coming to an end
Meeting them makes you feel worse, not better
Friends should lift your spirits and make you feel great. If meeting someone makes you feel worse, not better, thats not a good sign!