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Sreya Lenka & her Journey to become K-Pop idol

May 30, 2022
Sreya Lenka
Originally goes by Shreya Lenka hails from Odisha, India & after qualifying round became the first Indian to join K-Pop group Blackswan
India's First K-Pop Idol
She was chosen to replace one of the members of the group 'Hyemi'; she along with Brazilian girl Gabriela Dalcin were inducted in the group after training for months
Rania or BP were the previous names for Blackswan which was already famous for inducting the first American-African international artist, as well as members from Japan, Belgium, and Brazil
Who is Shreya Lenka
Shreya is a skilled Odissi dancer as well as a Yoga Practitioner. In the year 2003, she was born in the Odisha district of Rourkela
Sreya's journey to K-Pop
She then submitted an uncut video of herself dancing and singing. Blackswan's current members announced her as a finalist live on their youtube channel on July 3
Cygnus Era
"Shreya and Gabi are the first generation of Cygnus" the agency wrote on Instagram on Thursday, announcing the names of the finalists.
Hallyu Wave Kicks off in India
Shreya Lenka and Gabriela Dalcin, from Brazil, were selected from among 4000 applicants