The sentinel

Strangest Places in the World

Nov 8, 2022
Spotted Lake, Canada
During summers, the water of the lake evaporates, leaving behind small mineral pools, each one different in color
Pamukkale, Turkey
A remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to Pamukkale will surprise you in many ways. It features beautiful yet strange thermal pools that are ideal for a quick dip
The Tianzi Mountains, China
These staggering limestone structures, covered in lush greenery, make for a great sight as they are often covered in mist. These natural skyscrapers look like fingers reaching to the sky, and seem so unreal
Socotra Island, Yemen
This remote island will seem like a place straight out of a sci-fi film! It boasts of unique biodiversity, and is home to trees and plants that can't be found anywhere else in the world
Plain of Jars, Laos
Although shrouded in mystery, megalithic stone jars are seen scattered across this spot, in groups from one to hundred. As per a theory, its because the huge cylindrical jars were earlier used in funeral ceremonies
Glass Beach, California
This strange place is a glittering sea glass beach, which is believed to be the side effect of years of rubbish being dumped on the beach. Yet, this spot is a sight to behold
Fly Geyser, Nevada
This otherworldly geyser is located on the outskirts of Nevada, and was accidentally created in 1964. Now, a scorching scalding fountain erupts up to 5 ft high, which is said to be growing by several inches each year.
The Catacombs, France
It's a network of old tunnels that can be found beneath Paris which, as per the records, served as the resting place for around six million parisians