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Terrible Foods for Weight Loss

Dec 12, 2022
Sugary Drinks
Sugary Drinks and sodas are high in calories with minimum or zero nutritional content. Too much sugary drinks are linked with weight gain, higher risk of several diseases and more
Packed Fruit Juice
Fresh, Unsweetened fruit juices are good for your health in many ways. But many fall the ready-to-drink packed fruit juices. These are loaded with added sugar and unwanted calories
Baked Foods
Most Baked foods are high in added sugar and trans fat
French Fries
Foods like French Fries are loaded with carbs, unhealthy f ats and salt. The cooking method also significantly decreases nutritional value
Stay away from candy bars as these are high in sugar, calories and fats
Alcoholic beverages are calorie dense. Most have high sugar content as well