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The Best Pieces of Financial Advice I Have Been Given

Sep 2, 2022
"Trying to maintain a fancy and posh lifestyle can burn your pocket. Stop doing that. That lifestyle is nothing more than shallow"
“Saving up for your retirement plan is important or else you won’t even have a proper death bed to be on”
“Anyone can invest. Start from small investments but smartly. And watch it grow with time”
Emergency Funds
“Bite your lip, close your eyes and stop yourself from spending for approximately 6 months. And then keep the piled up money for an emergency fund account that you may need anytime.”
Credit Cards
“Always pay your credit card bills before the due date as the amount may sum up to a larger amount when you don’t pay it sooner”
Multiple Credit Cards
“Using multiple credit cards can be a great way to maintain your credit score and having just one credit card damages that”
“Always have health insurance because this will save you from burning a hole in your pocket in case of an emergency”
“Keeping a track of your spending and expenditures is a great way to understand critically your financial situation and habits”