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The Flamboyant Love Life of Imran Khan

Apr 12, 2022
The Ladies' Man
Imran Khan, was one of the greatest all-rounders to have played cricket, and was a well known ladies' man in his era
Bollywood Affairs
There was a time when Pakistan and India played bilateral ties regularly, and our nations were closer t oeach other. That's when Imran had many affairs in B-town
Imran & Moon Moon Sen
The two were very close to each other at some point and it is said that he literally 'mooned' over Moon Moon
Imran & Rekha
As per reports, Imran & Rekha almost got married but Imran was quoted saying "The company of actresses is good for a short period. I cannot even think of marrying a movie actress"
Imran & Shabana Azmi
Neither of the two spoke about it but the two were linked together.
Imran & Zeenat Aman
It is believed that Imran celebrated his 27th birthday with Zeenat Aman in November 1979. However, neither have ever acknowledged the rumour
His Regret
In an interview, Imran once confessed that "Bachelor life is: all that glitters is not gold. It is very shallow and empty. As a bachelor there were a lot of heartaches and I regret that"
Being Faithful in his Marriage
"I'm very proud to say that while married, I've always been faithful. I had told myself I would not indulge in infidelity and I never did"
His Marriages
Imran is married to his third wife Bushra Bibi. He was earlier married to Jemima Goldsmith(1995 to 2004) and Reham Khan that ended in 10 months