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Tips to Relieve A Stuffy Nose

Nov 4, 2022
Use a Humidifier
A humidifier can be a quick and simple approach to ease nasal congestion. The apparatus turns water into moisture, which slowly permeates the space and raises the humidity level
Take a Hot Shower
Taking a hot shower can help your breathing return to normal as the mucus in your nose may become thinner, which will help reduce discomfort
Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated will assist in thinning the mucus in your nasal passages, pushing the fluids out of your nose and reducing the pressure in your sinuses
Use a Warm Compress
Soak in towel in warm water first to make a warm compress. Next, fold the towel and drape it over your nose and forehead after squeezing the water out of it
The warmth can provide comfort from any pain and help relieve the inflammation in the nostrils. Do this as many times as necessary