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Top 10 International Destinations To Visit Near India

Mar 23, 2022
Pokhra, Nepal
Pokhra located on Phewa Lake is one of the finest and most adventurous places in Nepal and can be the top choice for international destinations near India. It is also known as a gateway to the Annapurna Circuit which is a famous trail in the Himalayas. The place holds a 2-story pagoda, Tal Barahi Temple and International Mountain Museum.
Krabi, Thailand
This location in southern Thailand is a resort close to the Andaman coast surrounded by mangrove forest and limestone karsts. The place is the dwelling to a wildlife sanctuary with islands and beaches all over where one can have all the good time of travel. Krabi provides mesmerizing sites of the Tiger Cave Temple on the hilltop and the Phi Phi Islands can also be visited via ferry.
Chittagong, Bangladesh
The large port city on the southeastern coast of Bangladesh provides exciting hill tracts along with other attractions like Zia Memorial Museu and, Chandanpura Mosque with many onion-shaped domes.
Kathmandu, Nepal
It is a place in Nepal that one can easily explore with a cheap budget as it is one of the international attractions situated close to India. The temples and the house structures give a unique travel experience to explorers.
Ella, Sri Lanka
Located in the Badulla District of Sri Lanka's Uva Province, the place in the finest with mesmerizing views of train lines amid green mountains and tea plantations. The Nine Arch Bridge is one of the major attractions of the location.
Thimpu, Bhutan
The capital of Bhutan is a Buddhist site with a beautiful view of monasteries surrounding the place along the scenic Himalayas. The place attracts a huge number of tourists every year who loves its unique culture and tradition.
It is one of the best travel destinations near India to visit during your holidays as it gives the look and experience of ancient wonder. So those who are on the quest for new adventures can definitely visit Myanmar which is also rich in culture and heritage.
The Mekong Delta, mountains, Gulf of Thailand coastline, and low-lying planes surround the Southeast Asian nation Cambodia. It holds the stone temple during Khmer Empire called Angkor Wat and provides the view of historical and archaeological sites.
Tehran, Iran
The capital city offers panoramic views and has artifacts dating back to Paleolithic times kept in the National Museum of Iran. It is a big population city with numerous wonders that you would love to visit.
The islands in Bali attract tourists from across the world every year because of their natural beauty, uniquely structured temples and ancient history. For the adventure explorer, Bali can be one of the best choices to visit during the summer season.