The Sentinel
14 October, 2023
1. Maldives
Maldives is generally considered to be a honeymoon destination, but it is also a great place for family vacations.
2. India
India is home to the most beautiful attractions in the world
3 Singapore
This country is known as the global financial center and is home to a world-class airport.
4. Costa Rica
This country is the perfect spot for adventure lovers as well as wildlife lovers.
5. Mexico
From incredible temples to delicious food, Mexico has so much to offer you!
6. Japan
This country is known for some unique restaurants, bullet train and amazing attractions.
7. Jamaica
Here you get the most luxurious resorts, beautiful beaches and Jamaican rum!
8. Greece
Greece is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes.
9. Bahamas
Bahamas is known to be home to world's clearest water body. It is the perfect holiday destination.
10. Australia
Nothing like Australia’s beaches, wildlife and landscapes.