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Valentine Day Special: Top 10 immortal love stories from all around the world

Feb 14, 2022
Romeo and Juliet
How is it possible that we talk about love stories and the name of Romeo and Juliet doesn’t come to our mind. The love story was a play penned by William Shakespeare. It is the story of two lovers who fell in love and sacrificed themselves to be together in heaven after their families refused their marriage.
Bajirao Mastani
Most cinema fans are aware of the love story of Bajirao Mastani. As per the stories, Bajirao met Mastani when he was sent to save Hyderabad palace. They fell in love in first sight and got married even though Bajirao was already married. Despite opposition from his clan, he married her for who she was. Mastani committed ritual suicide after he died in battle.
Laila and Majnu
Qays ibn al-Mulawwah fell in love with Laila when he was just a kid. He kept practicing his love religiously and wrote poems to express his love for her. He used to sing his poem at the street corner proclaiming his love for her. But when he asked Laila’s father for her hand for marriage, he refused to give her daughter to a madman and married Laila to some rich guy. This broke Majnu’s heart and receded into the wilderness, writing poetry, and reading it to himself.
Cleopatra and Mark Anthony
Cleopatra is known as the most powerful and most charming queen of Egypt. She managed to charm two of the most powerful men in the world. After the death of her husband Julius Caesar, she falls in love with Mark Anthony. But their love ended on a sad note as Mark killed himself after he heard the fake news of his lover's death.
Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal
Known as the most influential Mughal emperor after Abkar, Shah Jahan got married thrice. But he gave his heart just to Mumtaz Mahal. But Mumtaz died during giving birth to his child. In memory of her last words, he built her a mausoleum to etch their love for eternity. The Taj Mahal still stands today reminding us of a husband's love.
Salim and Anarkali
Salim was the son of the renowned Mughal Emperor, Akbar fell in love with the beautiful courtesan Anarkali. But as soon Akbar got to know about their love, he tried every tactic to make them fall out of love. But their love was so strong that nothing came in their way. At last, to separate them, Akbar ordered to entomb alive in a brick wall, right in front of Salim’s eyes.
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
The young Victoria was absolutely smitten when she met Albert, a German prince, who also happened to be a distant relative. During their married life they showcased themselves as a middle-class family, focusing on domestic values and self-sufficiency. After having 9 children and being married for 21 years, Albert died of influenza in 1861 leaving his wife devastated.
Pierre and Marie Curie
The two scientists met in Paris when Marie was a student in France. She rejected Pierre's proposal as she wanted to return to Poland. However, he was willing to follow her even if it meant being a French teacher there. The couple married a year later and made several breakthroughs in science
Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson
In 1931, the heir to the English throne, Edward of Wales met Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee and it was love at first sight. When his father died in 1936, Edward became king and was unable to discharge his duties properly with his plans of marrying Ms. Simpson, something that would shake the very foundations of the monarchy, the church, and the British Parliament.
Bonnie and Clyde
If you're wondering what inspired Bunty Aur Babli, it was Bonnie and Clyde. They were robbers and con artists in the United States during the Great Depression and left the police reeling in their pursuit. Although it would have been far from a love story in those days. What is surprising is Bonnie stood by Clyde no matter how many crimes they committed together.