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Vastu Tips for Perfect date and romantic relationship

Dec 26, 2022
According to Vastu, the best direction for having a romantic conversation with your love is North or the Northwest. Try occupying a table in the mentioned direction to make your date a memorable one
If the mirror is placed in front of the bed. Take care and avoid the mirror mistake
Natural light is key to keep the relationship going. Indoors or outdoors, your date can get better with exposure to pleasant sun rays. Also, the entry of natural light into your house helps the bond to stay healthy and nurtured with happiness and calm
Bedroom right is important. Vastu throws on what's above the bed as some photographers can attract bad vibrations and negative energy. The couple must avoid placing God paintings next to the bed, and it can be replaced with a romantic swan image
A clean room is the secret to a pleasant relationship. Don't litter the space after your naughty moments as it can hinder your love life
Light shades to brighten your mood and strengthen your couple goals