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Vijay Deverakonda most awkward moments at Koffee with Karan 7

Aug 3, 2022
Private Life
When Karan asked 'what's the way to his bed is', Vijay wasn't willing enough to answer so he stated 'its a long process'
But, Karan tried to trick him in the following question asking what is the most romantic word he wants to listen to on the bed and he simply dodged by saying 'am doing telepathy to Ananya'
Two sensual lies
Karan was found dumbstruck when Vijay remarked that he is 'A one woman man', well it seems like there were not enough beans to spill
Perfect Boyfriend
The tag he didn't mind getting associated with, the options which came along with the perfect boyfriend, such as Playboy & heartbreaker was lil bit uncomfortable, but he maturely handled it
Complicated Relation
Kjo being the griller quizzed him when he didn't mention a word about his relationship, & asked if it's complicated to which Vijay remarked - The day I will marry and have kids, I will say it out loud
The Priority
Well, since everyone seemed to be just so interested in his sex life Arjun Reddy actor chose blockbuster movie over best sex in his life
KWK needs a better script
Vijau maintained his cool and spoke little, so KJo chose to discuss the personal matters in an effort to coax out some delicious information that is truly awkward