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What is 'Sulli deals' App Case? All You Need To Know

Jan 10, 2022
What is 'Sulli deals App' after all?
According to several media reports, it has appeared that Sulli is a derogatory term used against Muslim women. On July 4, 2021, several screenshots were shared on Twitter in the name of Sully Deals. The app had a tag line, 'Sully Deal of the Day and it was shared with photos of Muslim women. Notably, it was created by an unknown group on GitHub.
How was the conspiracy hatched?
The makers of the app illegally collect pictures of Muslim women from various social media accounts and troll their pictures by writing objectionable content on them. Images are used incorrectly.
There are pictures of many women on the app, on which it is written with a picture of a woman, 'Your bully by the day' .... These pictures were also being shared and auctioned. Meanwhile, shreds of evidence were deleted after the uproar. Special cell DCP KPS Malhotra in Delhi confirmed that Aumkareshwar Thakur, the app creator of Sully Deals, has been arrested.
Thakur confessed that he created the Sully Deals app on GitHub in July 2021. Photos of several Muslim women were uploaded from the app for auction without their consent.
Thakur had joined the group called TradeMahasabha on Twitter in January 2020 using the Twitter handle @gangescion. The members had hatched a conspiracy to troll Muslim women.