The sentinel

When all zodiacs went on a team outing with the boss...

June 14, 2022
You would think of ways to get the best out of your boss by ordering the most expensive dish on the menu
You would first judge all the zodiacs sitting around, smirk and then checkout the menu
You will order a cappuccino first and then observe how your boss behaves in public
You will check up on all zodiacs, see if anyone wants anything and everyone is comfortably seated
You will be dressed in your best for pictures and ask the others to take pictures with you too, annoying the Taurus and Scorpio
You will become a leader here too and take the onus of ordering, getting after the lives of the slow ones, especially the indecisive Libra and moody pisces
You will sit with the menu for a while because you are too confused as to what should be ordered even in a one page, small and menu card
You will be judging everyone with a smile on your face but will be in half a mind to whack the slow Pisces and Libra and even Leo for taking so long to order
You will be the one scanning the ambiance ready to order something interesting
You will not even look at the menu because you know your order and then probably take a picture or two with Leo
You will be more interested in knowing the office gossip, so we may find you sitting next to the Cancerian who can say it all without realizing.
You will be happily looking at the Menu, planning your meal, trying to play footsie with the tolerant Taurus and masking it like you dont know anything