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Witness the Navratri Effect on Jupiter

Sept 22, 2022
What is it?
On the first day of Navratri, observe Jupiter’s closest approach to the Earth in 59 Years.
The Phenomenon
Once every 13 months, Jupiter will be in opposition, making the planet appear larger and more brilliant than any other period of the year. However, the event on September 26 is somewhat unusual
From the surface of the Earth, the largest planet in our solar system will appear to be in opposition. As the Sun sets in the west and Jupiter rises in the east, they are on opposing sides of the Earth
How to see it?
The Galiliean Satellites(Moons) and the banding(at least the central band) should be seen with decent binoculars
Extraordinary Visibility
Scientists recommend using a large telescope, roughly 4-inches or larger, with filters in the green to blue range to increase the visibility of the Great Red Spot and bands of the enormous planet
Nearest Distance
Jupiter’s distance from the Earth will be about 590 million kilometers
Farthest Distance
Jupiter is more than 965 million kilometres from Earth at its furthest point
Although there are only 53 recognized moons around Jupiter, researchers have found 79 more moons