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World's Most unique attractions that will leave you awestruck!

June 17, 2022
Electric Ladyland, Amsterdam
Now this one is really unique! Dubbed as the first museum of fluorescent art in the world, this place looks uber cool all covered in neon lights. It's more of an UV experience!
Island of Dolls, Mexico
This is very weird attraction in Mexico. There's a small island that is flooded with bizarre and scary looking dolls. Locals tell that a small girl drowned in a canal here and her spirit haunts the place since then. The island remains open for tours on the weekend
The Icelandic Phallological Museum, Iceland
Another very unusual attraction, the museum of phallus in Iceland is known for the largest display of penises and penile parts in the world! Want to see how a whale's penis looks, this is the place for you!!
Temple of Rats, Rajasthan, India
Famous as the Temple of Rats, the Karni Mata Temple is dedicated to Goddess Karni. It is believed that her male descendants never die. Instead, they get reincarnated as rats! The temple is home to over 20000 rats which are fed daily
Salara de uyuni, bolivia
This place is also known as the world's largest natural mirror! The world's largest salt pan, Salar De Uyuni is a splendid site that dates back to thousands of years
Capuchin Catacombs, Palermo, Italy
In the 16th century Capuchin monks saw a body of a monk which was naturally mummified. After that, the catacombs became a hotspot for the dead where they were dressed in fancy clothes and left inside.
Rumah Terbalik Upside Down House, Malaysia
One of its kind, the upside down house in Malaysia was opened in 2012 as a tourist attraction.
Paris Sewer Museum, France
An offbeat attraction in Paris, this sewer museum will transport you to the 19th century paris sewers. Its a perfect spot for history buffs but do carry some perfume along
Gum Wall, Seattle, Washington
Quite an unbelievable kind of attraction, the gum wall is the second germiest tourist attraction in the world. Its basically a brick wall covered in nothing but chewing gums.