The Sentinel

Zodiac Signs Who Are Best at Recirculating Diwali Presents

Oct 23, 2022
They try not to re-gift but they do when they have no choice. They appreciate your gesture but if they do not need it they try to keep it for until next year or re-gift
They do not re-gift what they got even if it is from their enemy. It sends them on guilt trip and that is something they cannot take
Gemini are very specific so if they don't get what they need or want, they will re-gift and not even feel bad about it
They are hoarders in true sense and keep everything they get. So no re-gifting here
A Leo generally has everything they need way before Diwali and as a habit, they are likely to pass on your gift to someone else even if he/she finds it pretty
Regifting for them is a big NO because for them, that is not the right thing
They rarely re-gift as they keep memories but if they have to because of the circumstances, they will put it in a fresh paper bag or wrapper and re-gift
Scorpios treasure the gifts they get. They may not use some but they will be in the storage and rarely re-gifted
Saggis are not into materialistic things so they rarely keep anything unless it is of use. They are likely to give it off to someone who will treasure it
They love presents and they keep everything. They even decorate them. They are not hoarders but they like to find use for everything
An Aquarian keeps gifts of people whom they like, are close to which means close friends and family. If you are not that close, your gift will be re-gifted for sure
It does not matter to them what you give them. All she sees is your thoughtfulness. If they do not see anything in them and they know you too have passed it on, they will re-gift