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Checkgate a money-minting device: KHNAM

 From a reporter

SHILLONG, Feb 9: The Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) during a surprise checking on Thursday evening apprehended six buses at Sumer Ri Bhoi district, which was allegedly ferrying non-tribals who were suspected to be non-Indian nationals.
Speaking to reporters, KHNAM State youth wing president Thomas Passah said, “During each checking we have found that there is almost zero checking for validation of documents at the infiltration check gate located at Byrnihat of Ri Bhoi district.  This has, however, resulted in the entry of illegal immigrants into the State easier.”
Passah said the existence of infiltration check gate has now turned into a money-minting means instead of a mechanism to tighten the noose to check the entry of illegal immigrants.
“During our inspection today we have found that these non-tribals have proper documents and revealed that they are heading to Silchar,” he said.
Passah said soon KHNAM will send a letter to the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) requesting the strengthening of the infiltration check gate at Byrnihat to curb the entry of illegal immigrants into the State.