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Sorbhog Assembly - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Vote Share, Last Election Results

Sorbhog Assembly - No. of Household, Population, Winner/Runner-up in Last elections & Vote Percentage & more in Assam Assembly Elections.

Sorbhog Assembly - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Vote Share, Last Election Results

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Sorbhog is a town committee and a township in the Barpeta district/region, Assam. The official languages of Sorbhog are Bodo, Assamese, Bengali. 'Sorbhog' word indicates, the plenty of milk products which is basically true that Sorbhog town is a big production of milk products in Assam. There are many schools and colleges in Sorbhog town and it forms a part/structure of Kokrajhar (ST) Lok Sabha Constituency. The place is also very historical because there is a very old temple of Lord Krishna in the town so-called " Gorokhiya Gohainr Than".

Assembly Constituency Name & No. :

The Assembly of Assam comprises 126 Members of Legislative Assembly which are directly elected from single-seat constituencies and its term is 5 years unless later dissolved. Its headquarter is stationed in Dispur. Sorbhog is the 126 assembly constituencies of Assam. Its constituency no. is 40 and it forms a part/structure of Kokrajhar (ST) Lok Sabha/Parliamentary Constituency.

Parliamentary Constituency :

The Parliamentary Constituencies in India is 542 and among them, the seats for the general category are 441 and for SC and ST the seats are 84 and 47 respectively. Sorbhog Assembly Constituency is a part/structure of the Kokrajhar (ST) Lok Sabha/Parliamentary Constituency and it is the 10 assembly segments of Kokrajhar (ST) Parliament Seat. The current MP of the constituency is Pramila Rani Brahma of BPF.

District :

Sorbhog is an urban area and a Town Committee in Brapeta region, Assam, India. Barpeta district is an authoritative district. Its headquarter is at Barpeta. The district has many important towns and villages namely, Barpeta, Howly, Barpeta Road, Sorbhog, Bahari, Sarupeta, Mandia etc, them Barpeta Road is the largest town in the region. It is a commercial town.

No. Of Towns :

The Sorbhog Assembly Constituency has no towns.

Assembly Status :

The Assembly Election of Sorbhog Constituency had 196558 electors. Amongst them, the overall valid votes was 169347. In the 2016 Assembly Election, BJP candidate Ranjit Kumar Dass won the MLA seat, with 56454 votes and became MLA, whereas INC candidate Anurupa Hannan was the runner-up with 36928 votes. Therefore he lost the MLA seat by 19526 votes.

Total Population :

Sorbhog, an urban area and a Town Committee in the Barpeta region forms a part/structure of the Kokrajhar (ST) Lok Sabha/ Parliamentary Constituency. In accordance to Census Record of 2011, the Sorbhog circle has an inhabitant of around 8,112 peoples which includes, 4,080 males and 4,032 females.








No. of Households :

Sorbhog Block/Circle comprises of 1,837 houses/families.

Water Connection :

Sorbhog, a Block and a Town Committee (TC) under Barpeta region have 1,837 houses/families. Sorbhog TC provides basic facilities to its administration and supplies amenities like proper water and sewerage system for every household.

Street Light :

The access to the street light and the no. of households using electricity in the rural/urban areas shows the welfare development of the region. In accordance with the village overview, it is noted that throughout the years there are improvements in the access to electricity to every household in Sorbhog TC.

Municipality Reach :

Besides basic amenities of life, access and availability to basic infrastructure are the most significant and primary requirements of mankind. The Municipality or the Town Committee of the area/region is responsible to look after this prior requirements. Sorbhog is quite well developed and connected by road as well as railway transport.

Religious groups/demography in the constitution :

More than half of the communities residing in the constituency are Hindus, Muslim and Christian, where the percentage share is about 91.83%, 7.88% and 0.06%, respectively. While less than half of the residents residing in the constituency are Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and other religion. Here's the table given below :

Religion Total

Hindu 91.83%



Christian 0.06%

Caste and Tribes in the Constituency :

Sorbhog Circle has inhabitants of around 8,112 peoples, among them about 8.72% of the residents are Scheduled Caste. While, Scheduled Tribes constitutes about only 0.96% and the remaining amount of percentage are the General Category.

Top 3 city under Constitution :

There are no cities under the Sorbhog Constituency.

Male/Female Electoral Distribution :

Sorbhog Constituency has around 151452 registered votes. It comprises 80881 males and 70571 females.







Sex Ratio :

In accordance to Census Record 2011, the sex ratio of Sorbhog Circle is 988 females per 1000 males.

Age Group Distribution :

In Sorbhog Assembly Constitution about 754 that is, 9.29% population is under six years of age.

Polling Percentage of Last Three Years :

The Assembly of Sorbhog Constituency witnessed a polling percentage of 36.6% of BPF during Lok Sabha/Parliamentary Elections 2019. Secondly, during the Assembly Election of Assam 2016, it saw about 33.34% of BJP. And thirdly, it witnessed a polling percentage of 67.03% of IND during Lok Sabha/Parliamentary Election 2014. The chart of polling percentage of different years is given below :



Percentage Share

Lok Sabha Elections, 2019

Pramila Rani Brahma



Assembly Election, 2016

Ranjeet Kumar. Dass



Lok Sabha Elections,2014

Naba Kumar Sarania (Hira)



Result of last five elections :

• In prior to the 1996 Assembly Election of Assam, a candidate Hemen Das of CPM had won the MLA seat with 31332 votes.

• In the Assembly Election of 2001, a candidate Samsul Hoque of IND had won the MLA seat with 31890 votes.

• In the 2006 Assembly Elections of Assam, a candidate Uddhab Barman of CPI(M) had won the MLA seat with 33681 votes.

• In the 2011 and 2016 Assembly Election, a candidate of BJP Ranjeet Kumar Dass won twice the MLA seat against Uddhab Barman with 40716 and 56454 votes. Now Ranjeet Kumar Dass of BJP is the present MLA of Assembly Constituency of Sorbhog. Here's the table is given below for detailed information :




Total Vote


Ranjeet Kumar Dass




Ranjeet Kumar Dass




Uddhab Barman




Samsul Hoque




Hemen Das



The percentage vote share of the political parties in the previous election :

• In the Assembly Election of Assam 2016, Ranjeet Kumar Dass of BJP emerged as a winner of the MLA seat by securing 33.34% of votes.

• Then, Anurupa Hannan of INC was the runner up with 21.81% of votes.

• The third position was secured by Manoranjan Talukdar of CPM with 3.53% of votes.

• In the fourth position, Pradip Deb Nath of IND secured 11.45% of votes.

• And the last position was secured by Samsul Hoque of AIUDF with 10.34% of votes..

The table provided below clearly shows the percentage share of votes by the political parties in the last 2016 Assam Assembly Election :

Candidate Name


Percentage Share

Ranjeet Kumar Dass



Anurupa Hannan



Manoranjan Talukdar



Pradib Deb Nath



Samsul Hoque



Candidate in the last election and result (winner and loser) :

The candidate who contested in the Assembly Election of Assam 2016 is Ranjeet Kumar Dass of BJP, Anurupa Hannan of INC, Manoranjan Talukdar of CPM, Pradip Deb Nath of IND and Samsul Hoque of AIUDF.

The winner of the Assembly Election of Assam 2016 was Ranjeet Kumar Dass of BJP with 56454 total votes whereas in last position, a candidate from AIUDF, Samsul Hoque secured only 17504 votes.

Here's the below table :

Candidate Name



Ranjeet Kumar Dass



Anurupa Hannan



Manoranjan Talukdar



Pradib Deb Nath



Samsul Hoque



Big-ticket scheme/projects announced in the run-up to the elections for the constituencies :

For the forthcoming Assembly Election of Assam 2021, all the political and regional parties have given their manifestos infront of the public to take the public into confidence and win the upcoming 2021 Assembly Election. The present state government have already provided 2.5 lakhs with each to around 8000 Namgarhs which are near about 50-year-old and further they have also promised to extend benefits to other Namgarhs. Recently, they have also provided land pattas to indigenous/native landless people and further they have safeguarded the rice, land and hearth of the native people. Assam CM Sarbananda Sonowal, believes that people are with the present led state government and ensures equitable development of the valleys of Brahmaputra and Barak.

The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi mentioned that once they win the forthcoming election they will build a memorial in respect to Anti-CAA. Not only Rahul Gandhi but including the other Congress leaders have also tweeted the same.

The AIUDF makes people's manifesto regarding the non-implementation of CAA and promised that their main objective is to always oppose the bill which is thread to Assam's community. AIUDF also promises to look after the minorities and deal with the issues of illegal immigrants as per the guidelines enlisted in the Assam Treaty.

The parties like AJP and Raijor dal is to coordinate with the people of Assam irrespective of their native tongue, religion, caste, tribe etc. AJP and Raijor Dal are with the people of Assam and for the people of Assam so it has come forward to give regional politics a new force. Both parties agenda is to stop the implementation of CAA in Assam. All the political parties including the regional parties like AJP and Raijor Dal are also energetically making preparations to contest for the ongoing and upcoming Assembly Election of Assam, 2021.

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