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Titabor Constituency - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Manifesto, Last Election Results

Check Titabor assembly constituency at a glance. No. of Household, Population, Winner/Runner-up in Last elections & Vote Percentage & more in Assam Assembly Elections.

Titabor Constituency - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Manifesto, Last Election Results

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Titabar Assembly constituency is located in the district of Jorhat and falls under Jorhat Lok Sabha Constituency. Titabar town, which is surrounded by tea-estates, is located 20 kilometers away from Jorhat city.

Titabor Assembly Constituency at a Glance : Name & Number:

Titabar Assembly constituency is the 100th Assembly constituency. The sitting Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing Titabar Assembly Constituency was three time former Chief Minister of Assam, late Tarun Gogoi who died in October, 2020.

Sitting MLA of Titabor: Late Tarun Gogoi || Sitting Member of Parliament of Jorhat: Topon Kumar Gogoi (BJP)

Towns in Titabor:

The only town under Titabar Assembly Constituency is Titabar town which has eight wards. The town's population is 17,920 which includes 9,300 males and 8,620 females.

Number of inhabited Villages:

There are about 162 villages under Titabar Town Committee. Names of few major villages are Borholla T.E., Dholajan Grant and Halfmile Bell.

Titabor Assembly Status:

The assembly seat of Tibabar Assembly Constituency is currently vacant since the sitting MLA, late Tarun Gogoi, passed away before his term ended. The seat has been a Congress bastion with the party winning the seat 11 times (including a bye-poll) since 1952 Assembly elections. [Also Check - List of Polling Booths Under Titabar Constituency]

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Total Population of Titabor
Assembly Constituency:

Total PopulationRural Population(in %)Urban Population(in %)

The population of Titabar Assembly Constituency is 2,05,369, of which 91.27% is its rural population and 8.73% is its urban population.

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Number of Households in Titabor:

There are about 43,474 households in Titabar.

Water Connection:

Titabar Assembly Constituency has water facilities of Over Hand Tank (OHT) and tap water from a treated source. The residents of Titabar also have facilities of tube well and borehole.

Street light:

There is domestic electrification at Titabar Assembly Constituency.

Municipality Reach:

The basic civic amenities such as sewerage and water in Titabar is taken care of by Titabar Town Committee.

Religious Groups/ Demography

In Titabar Assembly Constituency, Hindus make up 76.22% of the overall population, while Muslims make up 14.66% of the overall population.

Caste & Tribes in the Constituency:

In the Titabar Assembly Constituency, Scheduled Caste ratio is 5.98% and the Scheduled Tribe ratio is 12.95%.

Top Cities in Titabar Assembly Constituency:

The only town under Titabar Assembly Constituency is Titabar town.

Male/female Electoral Distribution:

There are 124592 electorates in Titabar Assembly Constituency, which includes 63193 male electorates and 61399 female electorates.

Sex ratio:

The sex ratio of Titabar is 927 females per thousand males.

Age Group Distribution:

In Titabar Assembly Constituency, a total of 22957 are under six years.

Previous Tree Years Polling Percentage

In the 2019 Lok Sabha Election, the polling percentage in Titabar Assembly Constituency was 76.02% whereas the polling percentage was 83.4% in the 2016 Assam Assembly Election.

Previous Years Assembly Elections Results of Titabor:

Here is the result of last 5 Assam Assembly Election for Titabor constituencies...

Election Year

Last Year's Winner


Won By (of Vote %)


Hemanta Kalita




Dip Gogoi




Late Tarun Gogoi


56957 votes


Late Tarun Gogoi




Late Tarun Gogoi



Political Parties Vote Percentage Share in Previous Assembly Election:

In the Assam Assembly Election of 2016, Following are the emerged as winner & runner-ups in last years.

Current MLA of Titabor: Late Tarun Kumar Gogoi (INC) || Runner-up: Kamakya Prasad Tasa (BJP)

  • Kamakya Prasad Tasa of Bharatiya Janata Party was the runner up with 39.23% of the votes.
  • Kula Das of the Communist Party of India secured 2.13% of the votes and Biren Gogoi of Bharat Vikas Morcha secured 1.17% of the votes.
  • Independent candidates Dilip Gogoi and Smritirekha Shyam secured 0.67% and 0.63% of the votes, respectively.
  • 1.72% of the votes were given to "None of the Above(NOTA)"

Candidates Participated in Previous Assembly Election & Result:

The candidates of the Assam Assembly Election 2016 were Late Tarun Gogoi of the Indian National Congress, Kamakya Prasad Tasa of Bharatiya Janata Party, Kula Das of Communist Party of India, Biren Gogoi of Bharat Vikas Morcha & independent candidates Dilip Gogoi and Smritirekha Shyam. In the end, Tarun Gogoi emerged as the winner with 54.65% of the votes.

Work Done By Sitting MLA in Last Five Years:

Election Manifestos Announced - Schemes/ Projects by Parties

Several schemes and development projects have been announced but nothing specific has been announced for Titabar ahead of the elections.

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