Diphu Constituency - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Vote Share, Last Election Results

Diphu Constituency - No. of Household, Population, Winner/Runner-up in Last elections & Vote Percentage & more in Assam Assembly Elections.
Diphu Constituency - Population, Polling Percentage, Facilities, Parties Vote Share, Last Election Results

Assembly constituency name and number:

Diphu Assembly Constituency is in Karbi Anglong district of Assam and falls under the Autonomous District (ST) Lok Sabha Constituency. It bears constituency number 19. 

Parliamentary constituency:

Autonomous District Lok Sabha Constituency is spread over Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao districts in Assam. The current MP of the Parliamentary constituency is Horen Singh Bey of BJP.


Karbi Anglong district is located in central Assam and has its administrative headquarters in Diphu town. About 40% of the district's total area is covered with forest. It is also the largest district in Assam.

Number of towns:

There are three towns under Diphu Assembly Constituency namely Diphu (Town Committee), Bokajan (Town Committee) and Laharijan Natun Bosti (Census Town).

Number of inhabited villages:

About 805 villages are under Diphu Assembly Constituency. Few major villages are Borlengri, Khat Khati Tila Bosti and Matipung R.F.

Assembly Status:

The current MLA of Diphu Assembly Constituency is Sum Ronghang of BJP.

Total population:

Diphu Assembly Constituency's population is 281960, of which 78.08% is rural and 21.92% is urban.

Total population

% of rural population

% of urban population




Number of households:

There are about 13,388 households in Diphu town.

Water connection:

Diphu Assembly Constituency has water facilities of Over Hand Tank (OHT) and tap water from a treated source. The residents of Diphu also enjoy the facilities of the tube well and borehole. There is also an availability of fire-fighting services at Diphu.

There is domestic electrification atDiphu. The availability of commercial and industrial electrification and road lighting is evident at a few points atDiphu.

Municipality reach:

The basic amenities in Diphu town are taken care of by Diphu Town Committee.

Religious groups/ demography in the constituency:

About 80% of the overall population are Hindus and about 16% of the overall population are Christians. The languages that are mostly spoken are Karbi, Bengali and Hindi.

Caste and tribes in the constituency:

The Scheduled Caste ratio is 2.78 and the Scheduled Tribe ratio is 55.18 of the overall population.

Scheduled Caste ratio


Scheduled Tribe ratio


Top three cities in the constituency:

The major towns in the constituency are Diphu (Town Committee), Bokajan (Town Committee) and Laharijan Natun Bosti (Census Town).

Male/female electoral distribution:

Diphu Assembly Constituency has a total of 171751 electorates, of which 87652 are males and 84099 are females.

Total Electorates






Sex ratio:

Diphu town's sex ratio is 932 females per thousand males.

 Age group distribution:

About 11% of Diphu town's population are under six years.

Polling percentage for last three years:

The polling percentage in Lok Sabha Election 2019 was 74.69% while it was 80.34% in the 2016 Assembly Election.

Polling percentage in 2019 Lok Sabha Election


Polling Percentage in 2016 Assembly Election


 Result of last five election:

In the 1996 Assembly Election, Hemsing Tisso of ASDC won with 31132 votes. In 2001, 2006 and 2011, Bidya Sing Engleng of INC won with 32244, 30827 and 54022 votes, respectively. In 2016, Sum Ronghang of BJP won with 64421 votes.




Total Vote


Hemsing Tisso




Bidya Sing Engleng




Bidya Sing Engleng




Bidya Sing Engleng




Sum Ronghang



Percentage vote share of the political party in last election:

In the 2016 Assembly Election, Sum Ronghang won with 46.59% of votes. Bidya Sing Engleng of INC was the runner up with 26.17% of votes. Independent candidate Dr Jayanta Rongpi secured 22.89% of votes. Dipendra Rongpi of LJP secured 1.43% of votes. Mary Kramsapi of JNCP secured 0.89% of votes. 2.03% of votes were given to "None of the Above".

Candidates in the last election and result:

The candidates contesting in the 2016 Assembly Election are Sum Ronghang of BJP, Bidya Sing Engleng of INC, independent candidate Dr Jayanta Rongpi, Dipendra Rongpi of LJP and Mary Kramsapi of JNCP. Finally, Sum Ronghang of BJP won with 467.59% of votes.

Work done in last five years:

MLA Sum Ronghang distributed financial assistant cheques to needy students and medical patients of Diphu Assembly Constituency under the "SHURID (MLALAD) Scheme", laid the foundation stone for the construction of Adivasi community hall at Manja Adivasi Gaon, and constructed market sheds at Rechohidi Tiniali Playground.

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