Meghalaya: Meghalaya Government Considers Expansion of Smart Town Project

Government plans to extend Smart Town initiative to towns beyond Tura and Jowai
Meghalaya: Meghalaya Government Considers Expansion of Smart Town Project

MEGHALAYA: The Meghalaya government is currently considering to expand the state's smart city project and intended to extend its reach beyond Tura and Jowai. Now the scheme aims to bring in more cities from different states of the state will come under its development umbrella. The state government which led by CM Conrad Sangma, has been emphasized an equitable development for the upcoming 6 years.

The Smart Town Project also stands as an example to this commitment, serving as an extension of the government’s integrated efforts towards the overall development of specific cities Since the other relative projects are currently underway in Tura and Jowai, Sangma expressed the government’s intention to repeat similar development efforts in other towns in Meghalaya. The move underscores the government’s commitment to achieving balanced growth in the country’s sectors. Further the expansion of the Smart Town project is in line with the government’s strategy to promote comprehensive urban development beyond the first two cities and meet the needs of businesses. While specific details about the expansion are yet to be announced, Sangma assured that more will be announced from time to time as the scheme moves through its design phase.

This relatively new strategy reflects the proactive approach of the state government in order to pursue technological advances and various other innovative solutions for urban social development making it one of the leading states of Northeast India. Further expansion of the Smart Town project to other cities, the state of Meghalaya aims and hopeful to create modern amenities, efficient and sustainable urban spaces for the people of the state that meet the evolving needs of its residents role. This will help to bring in more tourists and increase the visibility of the state as one of the growing states of north east India connecting with the mainland.

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