Coronavirus 'Chinese made': Myth or reality?

Coronavirus 'Chinese made': Myth or reality?


SILCHAR: A raging controversy about the origin of coronavirus has taken centre stage of media report, print and more especially the electronic. It is said that coronavirus, not a new phenomenon, has been given lethal form and shape in Wuhan laboratory, quoting sources from the China. Since the killer virus in its deadliest form originated from Wuhan to spread across the globe, killing in its wake more than 2 lakh people and the number goes on, America being the worst victim, President Donald Trump has gone to the extent of accusing China of spreading the disease 'COVID-19' (Corona Virus Disease 2019) and even talking of revenge.

The general impression created in the mind of people is Wuhan pandemic is the beginning of the coronavirus. This is wrong and baseless. A Book of Zoology of Higher Secondary stage prescribed by Board of High and Higher Secondary Education, Uttar Pradesh, helps us to remove the confusion. This scribe came across the relevant portion of the book from a Hindi teacher here. Dr Ramesh Gupta, writer of the particular chapter on 'Common Cold Disease', puts the record straight.

On page 295 of the book, Dr Gupta says common cold in human body is caused by a number of viruses. Of them, 75% virus is caused by Rhino virus and 25 % by Corona virus as shown in the photograph. According to Dr Gupta, virus makes way in the body of a person through nasal, but it does not affect the lung. The virus is active during the change of season and winter. Common symptoms of the disease are swelling in the respiratory passage, stiffness in nasal, frozen nose, sneezing and coarseness in the salivary glands among others.

This continues for a week or more. Sneezing, Dr Gupta says, leads to infection as virus floats in the air. If an infected person touches on handles or knobs, virus gets stuck on them which in turn infects others which is called 'fomites born infection.' Dr Gupta recommends aspirin, anti histamines and nasal spray for cure. It is apparent that corona virus is like any other virus. It might have now appeared in its most deadly form. And in the power politics between America and China, it has become a chemical weapon. 

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