Guwahati: Assam Power Couple Wows 'Shark Tank' with Innovative Fashion Pitch

Assam Entrepreneurs Secure Investment for Littlebox Brand
Guwahati: Assam Power Couple Wows 'Shark Tank' with Innovative Fashion Pitch

GUWAHATI: Rimjim Deka and Partha Kalita, the dynamic duo behind Assam-based fast fashion brand 'Littlebox' stole the spotlight on the recent episode of Shark Tank India with their captivating pitch of 75 lakh investment for 1percentage stake in their company wanting Rimjim and Partha showcased their brand special interest in the Generation -Z demographics in the country. Launched in the year 2022, Littlebox has quickly emerged as a leader in the fast-fashion Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) market, that primarily catering to discernment-minded Gen-Z consumers more on personality and style. It is dicussed in the show that Guwahati is the potential hub as the fashion capital but there are less number of entrepreneurs who makes it to the show.

Rimjjim and Partha highlighted the tremendous growth of their business, delivering a record ship order of Rs 2 lakh to date, with a daily order of over 1200. Operating from two strategic hubs, the company's backend operations are anchored in Guwahati while its factories And the warehouses are strategically located in Delhi.

Thus highlighting on the growing ecosystem of startups in Assam, Rimjim which showcases the phenomenal transformation that has taken place in the district in the last 5 years, attributing a large part of their success only due to the growing support of the local government. Rimjim further assumes multiple responsibilities within the company and overseeing product development, design, products, customer support and marketing strategy, while Partha leads marketing efforts.

Partha and Rimjim's performance on Shark Tank India not only brought them much-needed funding, but also shone a spotlight on Assam’s booming business landscape, signaling a new era of innovation and opportunities in the region. With their confidence, vision, passion and professionalism, Deka and Kalita are poised to take the brand of Littlebox to greater heights in the fast-paced world of fashion and retail.

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